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Friend of Foley's, Jay Horwitz

This weeks Burger was actually supposed to debut a month ago, but a certain 3rd baseman announced his retirement and we had to push it back. But having to push things to one side because of Mets news is nothing new to this week’s honoree Jay Horwitz has been with the NY Mets since April 1st 1980 and to be in charge that long is no joke. After being the Vice President of Media Relations since 1980 he will now be moving to a new role as Vice President of Alumni Relations and Team Historian. There is no man better suited for both. Jay has lived and died with his Mets. No one knows more about the ins and outs of the boys of Flushing. So, there is no one better to work with the Alumni as he is b

The Jay Horwitz Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾️ The Jay Horwitz Burger! Stuffed with Pork Roll, to honor his home state of New Jersey, and American cheese and served with sweet potato fries and Blue Corn Chips for a nice Blue and Orange Mets side dish! Learn more about Jay... a true Friend of Foley's, here!

Remembering Wally Bell

When the MLB post season roll around, it’s an exciting time in baseball. But for me it’s also a time for remembering a good friend of mine and Foley`s that passed away way too soon. Five years ago at this time, Wally Bell left us. Wally was a MLB Umpire who was quite a character and larger than life. As his good pal John Hirschbeck said Wally did everything at 80 mph. Wally did everything except tell a story at 80mph — that always took lots of time. I miss Wally and I would give anything to have him tell me the same stories over and over again.

The John Martin Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾️ The John Martin Burger Stuffed with Irish Bacon and Irish Cheddar, topped with a mayo/ketchup sauce ( a favorite of John's per his wife, Adrienne.) Learn more about John here.

Remembering John Martin

It was with great sadness to learn of the passing of John Martin. A cameraman for NESN and a great friend of Foley’s, along with our Boston friends Jeff Horrigan, Joe Castiglione and Ian Browne, he was with me from the start. I looked forward to catching up with John when the Sox,Bruins or Celtics came to town. There would always be some ball busting, normally about the position of his ball on the wall at Foley’s. And then there was the mystery Bobbleheads. John loved our Foley’s T-shirts and I love bobble heads. So, I would tell John to send me Bobbleheads and I would send him shirts. Well, John put the bobbleheads in a regular — as in not padded — envelope. So the envelope arrived minus th

The Rocket Man Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔 The Rocket Man! Paying homage to Elton John at The Garden! Stuffed with English mature cheddar and Cumberland sausage, topped with two giant stuffed [bacon cheddar chive] tator tots and light drizzle of buffalo sauce (for the fire 🔥) served with an arugula salad!

The PPP Playoff Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ The PPP Playoff Burger! Stuffed with roasted peppers and pepper-jack, topped with pepper sauce

Thank You, David | RE5PECT

With all due respect to Tom Hanks, he had no idea what he was talking about when he said there is no crying in baseball. I’m not a Mets fan, never have been, but I’ve been a fan of No. 5 since before his first big league game. He came to Foley`s for dinner 14 years ago, the night before his major league debut and been the same great guy ever since. So I will proudly admit I shed a few tears Saturday night at Citifield. I didn’t cry for Jeter’s last game or ARod’s send off. I might have come close with Mariano, but I did when I saw Mickey Callaway head out to home plate Ump Tim Timmons. He’d come to get the Captain and the emotions got the better of me. Everyone likes to kick the Mets and lo

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