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The Dan Shulman "Toronto Meets New York" Burger

This week's stuffed 🍔burger... The Dan Shulman's Toronto Meets NYC Burger ⚾️ 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🗽 Stuffed with Mozzarella and Bronx Pale Ale soaked Sauteed Mushrooms, topped with Maple Syrup glazed Caramelized Onions, served with Poutine. Dan is a Toronto Native and the voice of the Blue Jays.

The Chris Westmoreland "Westy" Burger

This week's stuffed 🍔burger... The Westy Burger! ⚾️ Stuffed with Cheddar Cheese and Onions, topped with bacon and our own special Westy Sauce (Worcester sauce, bbq, and horseradish), served with Cajun dusted fries. Chris is the director of team travel and logistics for the Tampa Bay Rays and the first member of the Rays Traveling party to ever visit Foley's, Scott Kelyman being the first ever Rays staff member to visit Foley's.

The Derrick Goold Blues Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The Derrick Goold Blues Burger! ⚾️🏒🥅 Stuffed with [St. Louis] Blue[s] Cheese, served with a side of toasted ravs and, at the suggestion of Derrick, HP Sauce. Derrick Derrick Covers the STL Cardinals for the St Louis Post Dispatch and is the author of "100 Things Cardinal Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die".

Sad Situation

Our hearts are broken. We're a family here at Foley's and a very sad thing happened to our sweet little Finn this week. 💔 Read Steph's story below about "My Little Footprints Day Care, Inc." and keep it in mind when choosing a caring and loving environment for your child. You should probably look elsewhere. We think they are jerks. If any of you know of a kind, loving day care that might have an opening for the happiest little boy in Astoria , please let us know. For those of you wondering what it is that Finn has, here is a link to information about the awful NONCONTAGIOUS disease that he somehow smiles through every day:…/…/cutaneous-mastocytosis Also, f

The Warren Miller Mile High Burger

This week's stuffed burger 🍔 The Warren Miller Mile High Burger! ⚾️ Stuffed with cheddar, topped with Bronco (Horse) Radish Cream sauce, served with a Coors light and onion rings. 🏔 Warren Miller is the senior director of communications for the Colorado Rockies and a fellow Wynomaniac!

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