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The Wicked Patriots Burgah

This week's stuffed burger! 🍔 The Wicked Patriots! Stuffed with a cream cheese and jalapeños, topped with buffalo sauce!

The (St. Louis) LA Rams Burger

This week's stuffed burger! 🍔 The (St. Louis) Rams Burger! Stuffed with a toasted rave, stopped with Provel. Yes, we know they've moved back to LA, we're just paying homage to our St. Louis fans!

The Emma Clancy Burger

This week's stuffed burger! 🍔 The Emma Clancy Burger! Foley's has watched sweet Emma grow up! She's 21 this week, and we are celebrating her!

Celebrate 15 Years of FUN at Foley's

This time of year is always special in the Clancy household and this year is even that bit more special. My little girl Emma turns 21, as does her cousin Aisling. I wish both of them a very Happy Birthday. It is also the 15th birthday for -- as Ryan and Emma affectionately refer to as my 3rd child -- Foley's. What a journey it has been ; a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows and a lot of ice melted in the men’s room. So every year when we celebrate this occasion, we have used it to do what I love most: help others. The list of people and charities we have helped with our anniversary parties is a good one, but this year is special. We are not only helping out a charity -- Baseball Assista

The Damon Oppenheimer Burger

This week's stuffed burger! 🍔 The Damon Oppenheimer Burger! The Damon Oppenheimer Burger is a shout-out to his SoCal roots. Stuffed with Roasted Red Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms, topped with Guacamole and served with an Avocado House Salad. Click here to learn more!

Friend of Foley's Damon Oppenheimer

This week we are taking a break from our year long homage to Red by honoring our friends in the media to honor a scout. To call Damon Oppenheimer a scout is kind of like calling Babe Ruth a power hitter, they are so much more than the title. As I write this I am in L.A. for the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation Dinner, where Damon received the George Genovise Lifetime Achievement Award. That’s just one month after he received a Scout of the Year award at the winter meetings in Las Vegas. Damon has been been with the Yankees for the last 27 years, the past 13 years as Vice President of Amateur Scouting, which in layman’s terms means he’s had a hand in every homegrown Yankee from Je

The Caldera Burger

This week's stuffed burger! 🍔 The Caldera Burger! Stuffed with Jack Daniels infused Bacon (an homage to Frank) and topped with Mozzarella cheese and Marinara Sauce. Click here to learn more!

Pete Caldera: OUR Chairman of the Board

I’ve always said that what makes Foleys are the people. “Friends of Foley’s” is a term we throw around with a laugh, but it’s very important to me and we like to proudly show off the “family,” we have here. We have honored my friend Heff, who I’ve know for 26-27 years, and our good friend Jay Horwitz, and this week we honor another good friend Pete Caldera. January 26th 2004 was the night that Foley`s came into being with an official name change. We had a party as we do and my brother from another mother Sweeny Murti stopped by the party and brought with him the Yankee beat writer for the Bergen Record — Pete Caldera. We became fast friends. With a tip of the cap to Whitey Ford and Pete’s

Celebrating the Writers: Starting Close to Home

As the year draws to an end,, Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is upon us,I always think of my good friend Red Foley. I named Foley`s after him. We could never truly celebrate his birthday because it fell on December 26th. This year, he would have been 90 and so we are going to celebrate him by celebrating all of the writers that have helped make Foley`s what it is. So we will be spending 2019 celebrating some of our favorites. I would have liked to start with Red but anyone who knew Him, knew he wouldn’t touch a stuffed burger. He liked a plain hamburger, plain bun, no garnish, no fries just ketchup. (Too boring for us.) So to start the New Year off right our first stuffed bu

The Ackert Burger

This week's stuffed burger! 🍔 The Ackert Burger! Stuffed with Bacon and Blue cheese and topped with frizzled onions! Click here to learn more!

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