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The Tbone Burger

This week's stuffed Burger... 🍔 The TBone Burger. In memory of our friend, Tom TBone Giordano. A Turkey burger stuffed with Bacon, Onion, topped with New York Cheddar and Egg.

Farewell Bone

Pictured here is a famous cartoon by Bill Gallo after the death of Thurman Munson and, to paraphrase Bill, I don’t feel like talking about baseball today. Baseball lost a legend today with the passing of Tom “TBone” Giordano. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Florida. I can never wait to get here, but this past Monday was the first time I ever came to Florida with a sense of dread. I was coming to say goodbye to TBone. The drive from Tampa to Orlando was mind numbing as was the sense of helplessness at seeing my friend so sick. I got to say goodbye and for that I’m thankful. I also thank Bone’s daughter Gail for allowing me to say goodbye. Over the next few days and weeks, a

Remembering Albert Finney... and Madonna hanging up on Shaun

It was the summer of 1991, or as I remember It, the most memorable summer in North Cavan, in part thanks to a Mr. Albert Finney. North Cavan, Butlersbridge to be specific is the quiet, little part of Ireland which I come from. That summer I was getting ready to come to NYC for the winter, but it was also the summer that word started to spread a major film was being filmed about eight miles from our sleepy little area. As the Derragarra, the bar my father (who you all know as Papa John) had when I was growing up, was well known, it became the place for the film people, location scouts, prop guys, the drivers and the crew and even the author of the cane to hang out. Even the author of the m

The Meet Lover Burger

This week's stuffed burger! 🍔 The Meet Lover Burger! 😉😘 Because you never know who you might "MEET" at Foley's! Maybe even a Valentine! ❤️

The Gary Perone Burger

This week's Stuffed Burger! 🍔 The Gary Perone Burger! Stuffed with "Coney Island" mini dogs, topped with Provolone Cheese and served with Deep Fried Oreos (a Coney island Speciality). 🎡 Learn more about Gary, here.

Meet Gary Perone

As the Football season comes to an end and the calendar switches to February, our attention switches to baseball. To kick off February and get ready for Spring Training, we are going to focus on the minor league teams in our area. When it comes to the Brooklyn Cyclones, the name that comes to mind is Gary Perone. He’s the heart and soul of the Mets’ minor league team that play their games in Coney Island. Gary has been recognized by many different organizations for the stellar work he does. He was awarded the MiLB Presidential Citation in 2010 for his involvement and assistance with the MiLB Diversity and Inclusion Program. In 2012 and again in 2016, he was selected by the New York Penn Leag

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