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Safe at Home | RIP Eric Cooper

Sometimes Life Sucks. That’s how I felt Sunday after hearing the news of the passing of my friend and MLB Ump, Eric Cooper,at the young age of 52. Coop was a great guy, funny, loyal and caring and he was just in Foley’s a few weeks ago during the Twins Yanks ALDS and we were chatting about Nomo's no hitter and how he was hoping to be one of the umps for the Field of Dreams game so he could Ump in his home state of Iowa. Just Friday we were texting about me sponsoring him in the upcoming 100 holes of golf for UmpsCare. To his family I offer my deepest condolences. To his family in blue my thoughts and prayers are with you all and love you all. To his brothers taking the field for the World Se

The World Series Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The World Series Burger! ⚾️ Stuffed with American and Irish Bacon, topped with American cheese and Irish cheddar served with a sweet potato fries and regular fries combo! ⚾️

The Redbird Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The Redbird Burger! ⚾️ Stuffed with a toasted ravioli, stuffed with provel! A shout out to the New York City Redbirds! ⚾️ #TimeToFly

The Post Season Beer Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The Post Season Beer Burger! ⚾️🍺 Celebrating three of the things we love most! Baseball, Beer and Burgers! Stuffed with beer soaked bacon and cheddar, topped with pepper-jack and sautéed onions, served with beer battered onion rings

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