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Friend of Foley's, Jay Horwitz

This weeks Burger was actually supposed to debut a month ago, but a certain 3rd baseman announced his retirement and we had to push it back. But having to push things to one side because of Mets news is nothing new to this week’s honoree

Jay Horwitz has been with the NY Mets since April 1st 1980 and to be in charge that long is no joke. After being the Vice President of Media Relations since 1980 he will now be moving to a new role as Vice President of Alumni Relations and Team Historian. There is no man better suited for both. Jay has lived and died with his Mets. No one knows more about the ins and outs of the boys of Flushing. So, there is no one better to work with the Alumni as he is beloved by them. I can’t tell you how many former Mets I’ve met over the years and every one asks. “How’s Jay?”

I wish him nothing but the best in this new role. maybe it will give him more time to enjoy his beloved pets and his other spots love; the NY Giants. (Well, maybe not this season.) There are many superlatives I can use to describe Jay. Loyal, caring and humble come to mind, but Mostly I am just very proud to call him a friend. In honoring Jay there will be no Orange Juice used on this burger (Even though we were tempted to memorialize how Jay knocked a glass of OJ into the lap of Mets GM Frank Cashen while interviewing for the job)

The Jay Horwitz Stuffed Burger will be stuffed with Pork Roll, to honor his home state of New Jersey, and American cheese and served with sweet potato fries and Blue Corn Chips for a nice Blue and Orange Mets side dish!

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