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The David Wright Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ The David Wright Burger! Stuffed with Turkey and Swiss Cheese, topped with Sauerkraut and Russian Dressing and served with fries.

Wright Stuffed

When we decided to have a different stuffed burger every week and to tie that burger to a different baseball person, I didn’t for one second think that we would be ending the season honoring our good friend David Wright. David has a sandwich on the regular menu and a portion of each one sold has benefitted his foundation. Over the past 14 yrs several thousand dollars has been donated. But how did it all start? Well, David wasn’t the first Friend of Foley’s on the menu. One of the first times the Rays came to town after I’d met their radio guys Dave Wills and Andy Freed, I’d renamed some of our daily specials after them. All for a little fun. After lunch David stopped by (he lived in the neig

The Rev Browne Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ The Rev Browne Burger! 🙏🏼 Stuffed with cheddar, topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms, smothered in Brown(e) gravy, served with fries. Learn more about the Reverend Ian Browne, by clicking here!

Praise for the Reverend

I have always enjoyed the Boston media. The connection goes back to when I first met the voice of the Red Sox Joe Castiglione through his son and one of the first Friends of Foley's, Duke. There has always been an ambassador to Foley’s and the Boston media, so to speak. The first leader was a man we honored earlier in the season Jeff Horrigan. When Jeff moved to Wisconsin, the mantle was picked up by this weeks honoree — Ian Browne. Ian is the writer who covers the Sox and is also a famed author. Why do we call him the Rev? Well, a couple of years ago Ian came to me and told me he would be skipping one of the Sox’ trips to NYC, because he had to officiate a friend’s wedding. He went

The Wright Stuff

July 2004, Foley's was just in its infancy, I’d been here just a few months. After 20 years in the business I still felt like I had no idea what I was doing building a baseball bar. The Yankees were coming off a World Series loss to the Marlins. They were rebuilding, but the cupboard was bare. The Mets, on the other hand, were also rebuilding but their future was much brighter. You couldn’t turn on sports radio or read a newspaper without hearing about Jose Reyes and David Wright as the future of New York City baseball. One muggy night in July, I was hanging out at Foley's, who should come through the door, but my buddy Joe McEwing. He had a happy, young kid with him: David Wright. I felt

The Dan Jennings Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ The Dan Jennings Burger! Stuffed with chorizo and pepper-jack, dusted with cajun seasoning, topped with Cajun spiced grilled onion and served with spicy potato wedges! Learn more about Dan, by clicking here!

Friend of Foley's, Dan Jennings

This weeks Stuffed Burger is the Dan Jennings Burger (No. Not the pitcher Dan Jennings, because we can’t have a Stuffed Burger when you haven’t been to Foleys. But, Daniel Lee Jennings come on down, and once you do, we will get you your own!) We're honoring Daniel Ray Jennings, the pride of Daphne Alabama. He went to the University of Southern Mississippi and after a stellar college career (just ask him, he will tell you all about how stellar of a career it was) he went undrafted. But he was signed by the Yankees and played for the Greensboro Hornets. While his baseball career as a player was brief, his career off the field has been long and interesting. After starting as a high school coac

The Tyrone Brooks Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ The Tyrone Brooks Burger! Stuffed with BBQ infused bacon (K.C.),topped with coleslaw and fries (Pittsburgh),served with Onion Rings and garnished with a grilled peach (Atlanta). Learn more about Tyrone, by clicking here!

Our Friend from the Front Office

This week we want to shine the spotlight off the field, back to Park Ave. We want to honor our good friend Ty Brooks, the Senior Director of MLB’s Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program, designed to identify, develop and grow the pool of qualified candidates for on-field and baseball operations positions throughout the industry. Ty got his start in baseball by landing an internship with the Atlanta Braves. He didn’t come from a baseball pedigree – as he double-majored in accounting and marketing at the University of Maryland, where he also spent time as a photojournalist. He parlayed that internship into a full-time position. His resume – with stops in Atlanta (1996-2006)

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