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Shaun's Evening with Dr. Bobby Brown, with a Cameo from Sandy Koufax!

I had the chance to have dinner with Dr. Bobby Brown about 15 or 16 years ago he was a lovely man.

At the time I had a connection to go to the Baseball Assistance Team pre dinner cocktail party where there were a lot of former players milling around and willing to sign baseballs. I would arrive with as many balls as I could squeeze into my suit jacket and pants as there were no bags allowed. I probably have over 100 baseballs, maybe more, I got signed there over the years, Duke Snider and Dom DiMaggio stand out.

The year in question I not only got to go to the reception but I also thanks to the Red Sox got to sit at their table.

There was a noticeable buzz both at the reception and the dinner as Sandy Koufax was there. It was right after the Jane Leavy book had come out, but while some people waited the entire cocktail party to get a Koufax autograph, I was working the room, and it had been a very successful night. I believe I came with 30 baseballs and I had 29 signed, I knew there would be a player at our table and I wanted to keep a ball.

Right before dinner started there was a commotion at the table behind me and as I turned I realized Sandy Koufax was sitting directly behind me literally a foot away and they had security on both sides to keep people away from him.

So here is my dilemma I have a chance to get a Koufax signed ball but what about the player at my table? Low and behold, down sat Dr Bobby Brown! He was a wonderful man with so many great stories, dinner was a dinner was delightful! The problem was the more engaging Dr Brown was, the harder my decision as to who should sign my last ball!

Thankfully, my good friend, Kiki Castiglione, was sitting next to me. I shared my dilemma with her, we figured out that when Sandy got up to leave or go to the bathroom, we would have a 50/50 chance to get him before security got to him.

Sandy left after the speeches and my heart was in my mouth, but as luck would have it he turned my way and I was able to secure a Koufax ball! I sat down I was congratulated by the table on securing a rare signature and Kiki graciously slid a ball to me and said “you can use mine to get Dr Brown”.

So I say thank you Kiki, thank you Sandy, thank you Dr. Brown and may you Rest In Peace. The ball I treasure from that night is yours.


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