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Bamboozled by Doc Holliday

I have a bone to pick with Doc Holliday (Well, maybe it’s more with the people of Glenwood Springs, CO) Last week, thanks to the Mets schedule, we had a chance to spend a couple of nights in the Rocky Mountains. Glenwood Springs to be exact. Thursday, after the game, we headed north up 70 through Vail to Glenwood Springs. The scenery was breathtaking. Friday after an awesome walk through the amazing mountain/canyon scenery, we decided to pay our respects at the grave of the most famous person buried in Glenwood Springs: John Henry Holliday, better known as Doc Holliday. So we arrived where Google maps tells us the legend is buried. We looked around and find we are in a suburban neighborhoo

Reflecting on OTD

I’m always asked why I love baseball. There are many reasons, but one of them is the fact that Baseball embraces the history of the sport. It celebrates the players that came before like no other sport. So, maybe with the exception of the White Sox, there is no team that does it better than the Yankees and Old Timers Day. I wasn’t lucky enough or old enough to have seen Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra or even Reggie Jackson play. I was lucky enough to see them be honored, albeit from the upper deck on, Old Timers Day. A funny story about Reggie. About 15 or 16 years ago my son Ryan and I were invited to Old Timers Day by a friend. We were in awesome seats right behi

Horrigan's Handful

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ The Horrigan's Handful Burger! Stuffed with cheese curds, topped with cajun mayo and house salsa, served with fries! It's named after Jeff Horrigan and pays homage to his home in Wisconsin, and his "Hot Stove Cool Music"! Click here to learn more!

All Hail Horrigan

I have been very lucky over the past 14-plus years to have much written about Foley`s, almost all of it good too! With the Red Sox coming to town, I have decided to honor the very first man to write about Foley`s, Jeff Horrigan. When I first met Jeff, he was with the Boston Herald, we became fast friends before there even was a Foley’s. When I got to what was then called “PG Kings,” I couldn’t tell anyone that I was in the process of buying it. That, however, didn’t stop Jeff from writing about it. Luckily, the State Liquor Authority didn’t read the Herald that Saturday. It just happened to be the same day that Don Zimmer and Pedro Martinez had their fracas. Jeff is behind the Drop Kick Mur

The UMPS Care Black and Blue Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ The UMPS Care Black & Blue Burger! Stuffed with Crumbled Blue Cheese and dusted with Cajun spices, served with fries. Learn more about the UMPS Care , by clicking here.


This week we are not honoring a person or even a team but rather a band of brothers. We are honoring the men that wear black and blue, the men who take the abuse in the ballpark, but without whom they don’t play baseball. we are honoring MLB Umpires, many of whom I am proud to call my friends. Foleys is known as an umpires bar and I love that it. That means that they feel comfortable and welcome here. We hope to be a home away from home for them, because even more than players and writers, they are away from their families all the time. I also tip my cap to their families. So this week, I would really like to tell you about their charity UMPS CARE. UMPS CARE Charities was founded through

Topper's Taco Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ Topper's Taco Burger! 🌮 Stuffed with nacho cheese,in a flour tortilla with sour cream guacamole and topped with shredded lettuce and tomato and served with rice and beans. Learn more about the Topkin family, by clicking here.

Taco 'Bout a Great Guy!

This week we honor our good friend and long time beat writer for the Rays, Marc Topkin. Through two owners, two name changes for the paper, two different names for the team and five managers, Topper's been at the center of Tampa baseball. That’s a lot of baseball and a lot of time spent in the Trop! Topper's the guy who we always keep the kitchen open for after game. A couple of years ago his lovely wife Sue was in town and at Foley`s waiting for Marc. I asked Sue if Marc might want anything, because the kitchen was closing, but she told me not to worry that Marc had probably eaten. We closed the kitchen and 10 minutes later Marc arrived famished and dejected when I told him the kitchen

The Subway Series

It’s Subway Series time again! I have to say I’m a fan always have been. Of course, I have some great memories of the raucous atmospheres, granted mostly at the Old Yankee Stadium and at Shea. I remember sitting with my brother (a Mets fan, God love him) at Game 2 of the 2000 World Series, when Mike Piazza tried to “hit,” Roger Clemens with his bat. I also remember taking my son Ryan to a game when he was six or seven. Back then he would root for both teams, but he had his favs on both teams. When the Mets would come to bat he would wear his Robin Ventura T-shirt but when the Yanks came to bat he would switch to his Jeter shirt. I was bartending during the 2000 World Series and my partner wa

The Woodley Burger

This week's stuffed burger. 🍔⚾ The Woodley Burger! Stuffed with bacon and cheddar, topped with avocado, bacon and a fried egg. Learn more about it's name sake, Ryan Woodley, by clicking here.

Behind the Scenes...

So who are we honoring this week? When we started this season I wanted to honor the people behind the scenes, the people who play an intergral role and this week we might have picked the humblest and most shy. Ryan Woodley is the manager of Field Operations for the New York Mets. If you want an example of his prowess, just look at the recent game between the Mets and Blue Jays. Ryan and the rest of the grounds crew worked feverishly in a rainstorm to keep the field dry so the game could be finished. I first met Ryan when he was working for the Staten Island Yankees. He then moved to the Trenton Thunder, before making his big league debut with the Mets. He has his degree in Sports Turf Manage

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