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The ESPN PR Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The ESPN PR Burger! ⚾️ Stuffed with Mac + Cheese, topped with Wisconsin cheddar and bacon, served with curly fries, best enjoyed with a beverage ”on ice”. All the proceeds going to the V Foundation.

The YES Burger

This week's stuffed burger 🍔 The YES Burger! ⚾️ Topped with Yellow Peppers, stuffed with English Mustard and Sausage, served with a Brett Garden'er side salad!

The Mike Trout Halo Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The Mike Trout Halo Burger! ⚾️ Stuffed with Cheddar, topped with a "Halo" of onion ring, served with sweet potato fries!

The Dodger Dog Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The Dodger Dog Burger! ⚾️ Stuffed with a Hot Dog, topped with (Dodger) Bleu Cheese, served with a side of Chili.

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