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The Baseball is Back Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The Baseball is Back Burger! ⚾️ Stuffed with a hot dog + sautéed onions, topped with ketchup, served with a pretzel stick and honey mustard! Because “ A Hot Dog at the Ball Park is better than a Steak at the Ritz”!

The Opening Series Burger: Japanese Style

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The Opening Day Burger [Japanese Style] ⚾️🇯🇵🏯 Stuffed with kimchi, topped with a teriyaki glaze and crispy fried noodles.

`Tis the Season

It’s a big week at Foley`s; the coming together of a lot of what makes Foley`s, well, Foley`s. We have the Big East Tournament this week. I have fond memories of a lot of friends and sore muscles and late nights from my days bartending during the Big East. It's a great event, a good time and we welcome all the fans from far and wide. We enjoy seeing them every year. Of course St Patrick’s Day, which is kinda a big deal around here. So, I just wish everyone a healthy, happy and safe one. And Erin Go Braith! This week we also host the Tout Wars. It is the creme de la creme of the Fantasy Baseball people. I have been proud to host them for the past few years, but this time will will be a li

The Ryan Clancy Burger

This week's Stuffed Burger... 🍔 The Ryan Clancy (Homage to the Chipper) Burger! ☘️ Stuffed with garlic butter, battered, and deep fried, served with curry fries.

The David McReynolds Burger

This week's stuffed burger... 🍔 The David McReynolds Burger! ⭐️ Stuffed with crumbled bacon and American cheese, topped with American Cheese, Bacon and Avocado (Guacamole) and served with Fries, Onion Rings and Pickle. Meet David McReynolds.

Meet David McReynolds

This weeks honoree for the burger of the week is David McReynolds and if you google him this is what you will find. “David McReynolds is the founder and President of Columbine Health Plan in Denver. He is a Colorado native” And that sums up David. He's very modest, very low key and very unassuming. If you dig a little deeper, however, you will discover that David currently serves on the boards of the American Transplant Foundation, Denver Police Activities League, Denver Health Foundation, National Association of Specialty Health Organizations, Friends of the Denver Fire Department, and the Metro Denver Sports Commission. His past board memberships include the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame,

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