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The Hamrahi

This week's stuffed burger + beer! 🍔🍺⚾ The Hamrahi... paired with a Coors Light (the Rockies are in town). Stuffed with Swiss Cheese, topped with HP steak sauce and frizzled onions, served with fries. The burger is named after long time Friend of Foley's Joe Hamrahi but dedicated to ALL baseball scouts! Both Shaun and Joe will donate a portion of each Hamrahi sold this week to a scouts charity! Click here to learn more! #TheRightStuff #BurgersBeerBaseball

Scouts Honor(ed)

This week's stuffed burger is the Hamrahi Stuffed Hamburger (try saying that 3 times). It is named after our good friend Joe Hamrahi, formerly of Baseball Prospectus and now with 2080 Baseball, a company that offers insights into the minors, international and amateur scouting. While this burger is named for Joe this week, we are really honoring all scouts. In fact, Joe was an associate scout for the Royals. So for each burger sold we will be making a donation to a scouting charity and Joe will match the donation. (Thank You Joe!!) Anyone who knows me knows how much I value the relationship I have with scouts. I feel that they are the backbone of the sport, contrary to what a team that rec

The Stelly

This week's stuffed burger + beer! 🍔🍺⚾ The Stelly... paired with a Miller Lite. Click here to learn more about friend of Foley's, Rick Stelmaszek (RIP). Black Angus burger stuffed with American Cheese (an homage to the Minnesota delicacy, Jucy Lucy) topped with Spicy Mustard (honoring his Chicago roots), mushrooms, onions, peppers and pickles. "Cut off the horns, wipe its @ss, drag it through the garden and put it on a plate!" - Stelly #TheRightStuff #BurgersBeerBaseball

In Memory of Rick Stelmaszek

Our stuffed burger this week is “the Stelly,” in memory of my good friend Rick Stelmaszek, former Bullpen Coach for the Minnesota Twins. He was the longest tenured coach in baseball at one point. I am very proud of the relationship Foley's has with all things Minnesota and Stelly plays a big part in that. I was introduced to Stelly by my good friend Joe Castiglione, who is with the Red Sox. That introduction lead to a great friendship, good memories and a lot of laughs. One I remember is Stelly taking me into the clubhouse and plonking me down on a couch between Johann Santana and Francisco Liriano. My basic knowledge of Spanish didn’t get me very far, but thankfully Santana spoke better En

RIP Barbara Bush

We don’t talk politics in Foleys. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of anything political (unless they’re signing a ball for the wall), but I do have a baseball story about the late First Lady Barbara Bush. It was an Opening Day, I believe in 2005, and I was in Houston for their season opener against the Rockies.It was a great atmosphere and I remember watching Preston Wilson taking fly balls on the hill in center field. I had great seats thanks to my good friend Jim Perry, RIP, and I was a couple of rows behind the plate. The front row was soon occupied by Barbara Bush and her husband George. The row between us was occupied by two Secret Service agents, absolute mountains of human be

The Ben Wagner Burger

This week's stuffed burger + beer! 🍔🍺⚾ The Ben Wagner Burger... paired with a delicious Canadian Beer, La Fin Du Monde from Unibroue, pictured here between two New York faves!! Click here to learn more about friend of Foley's, Ben Wagner! Stuffed with fresh Mozzarella and smothered in gravy, served with gravy drizzled fries! #TheRightStuff #BurgersBeerBaseball

Foley's has been Very Very Good To Me...

I have a lot to be thankful for and Foley's has been very very good to me. That’s why I try to give back when I can. One of my favorite things is when I get to welcome someone back after having met them at the beginning of their baseball journey. Maybe they were an intern, minor league player, minor league umpire even a minor league groundskeeper when we met and to welcome them back when they make it to the big leagues is really cool. It’s fun to see them have the same experiences and to finally be rewarded for their hard work. With that in mind , this weeks stuffed burger is “The Ben Wagner.” I first met Ben when he was doing radio for the Class A Lakewood BlueClaws. Then he moved on to the

RIP Eric Bristow

As a kid I loved to play darts. I had a dart board in my bedroom and professional darts, and I would sneak games when I could but the thump, thump, thump would alert my mother and I would have to go back to studying. But many nights were spent battling with my dad. I was decent and once had an 11 dart finish, which wasn’t too shabby, and it was also a great way to learn mental arithmetic. At this time there were a couple of big names in darts and this was before Phil Taylor became the Tiger Woods of Darts, there was Jockie Wilson from Scotland, who was impossible to understand. There was John Lowe, my favorite, boring as hell but consistent, a bit like Ivan Lendl was in tennis. Then there wa

Our Wee Man

Tuesday marks another important day on the Foley's calendar as our wee man, Finn, turns ONE! Hard to believe how fast the year has flown by! Happy Birthday, Finn! We are proud to have you as part of the Foley`s Family! Your sweet giggles and happy temperament puts a smile on our faces and warms our hearts! Stop in today and try our *"Finn's Favorites" menu item and help us celebrate his big day! *Mini Chicken Pot Pie, Mini Shepherd's Pie with curry fries.

Books, Baseball and Beer

So the baseball season is underway and tonight we started our season of giving at Foley’s, the brainchild of our good buddy Mike Siano we had a night we called “Books, Baseball and Beer.” With a big shout out to Mark Feinsand, Sweeny Murti, Bryan Hoch, John Flaherty and Meredith Marakovits for taking time out of their schedules to help us raise money for 2 charities: The Friends of Jeff Madelone (friend of both John Flaherty and Sweeny Murti who’s battling ALS) and Sparrows Nest (a non-profit group that provides meals for families of cancer patients). We are grateful especially because most of them worked late Friday night and were back early Saturday. It was a packed house and everyone seem

The El Gringo Malo Burger

This week's stuffed burger + beer! 🍔🍺⚾ The El Gringo Malo paired with a Cigar City Jai Alai! Learn more about what inspired the burger in Shaun's Blog! #TheRightStuff #BurgersBeerBaseball

This Week at Foley's

So we are excited to be kicking the season off at Foleys with a panel of baseball Savants. (They paid me to say that). Sweeny Murti, Bryan Hoch, Mark Feinsand, Mike Siano and John Flaherty will be at Foley’s on Saturday 7th from 7 to 9 p.m. for “Books, Baseball, Baby Bombers and BS.” Hoch and Feinsand will be selling and signing copies of their books. A portion of the totals receipts from the night will benefit two local charities. Also, we’ll be beginning our season of baseball-themed stuffed burgers and beer. This year we are linking them to the visiting teams; we will feature a stuffed burger and a featured beer tied in with teams coming in to play the Yankees or Mets. This week there are

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