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Remembering John Martin

It was with great sadness to learn of the passing of John Martin.

A cameraman for NESN and a great friend of Foley’s, along with our Boston friends Jeff Horrigan, Joe Castiglione and Ian Browne, he was with me from the start. I looked forward to catching up with John when the Sox,Bruins or Celtics came to town. There would always be some ball busting, normally about the position of his ball on the wall at Foley’s.

And then there was the mystery Bobbleheads.

John loved our Foley’s T-shirts and I love bobble heads. So, I would tell John to send me Bobbleheads and I would send him shirts. Well, John put the bobbleheads in a regular — as in not padded — envelope. So the envelope arrived minus the bobblehead. Hmm. I thanked John for sending me a bobblehead of Manti Te’o girlfriend!

Then two years ago, we learned John had been diagnosed with ALS. We were devastated for John, his loving wife and two. young girls.

It hit home earlier this month, when the Sox were here for the ALDS some of Johns pals from NESN were here. They gave me a Cafe Martin Hat in his honor. I was hoping to make a trip up and spend some time in “Cafe Martin” but sadly it wasn’t to be.

So with the Sox in the series, this week’s stuffed burger is the John Martin. It is stuffed with Irish Bacon and Irish Cheddar and topped with Mayo and Ketchup (per his wife Adrienne). All the money from the sales of this burger will go to ALS in Johns name.

I want to finish by extending my deepest sympathies and thoughts and prayers to his widow Adrienne and his young daughters Kaia and Gabby. We will always remember fondly the fun times we had with John at Foley’s.

Rest In Peace John Go neiri an bothar leat a chara.

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