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`Tis the Season

It’s a big week at Foley`s; the coming together of a lot of what makes Foley`s, well, Foley`s.

We have the Big East Tournament this week. I have fond memories of a lot of friends and sore muscles and late nights from my days bartending during the Big East. It's a great event, a good time and we welcome all the fans from far and wide. We enjoy seeing them every year.

Of course St Patrick’s Day, which is kinda a big deal around here. So, I just wish everyone a healthy, happy and safe one. And Erin Go Braith!

This week we also host the Tout Wars. It is the creme de la creme of the Fantasy Baseball people. I have been proud to host them for the past few years, but this time will will be a little bittersweet as we also honor one of the greats, Lawr Michaels, or Chef Boyardee, as I liked to call him passed away this year. We remember him fondly. Finally on a personal note there are 4 people special to me who have birthdays in the coming week. My sister Angela has her birthday on St Patrick’s Day,Happy Birthday Sis! ❤️ Also we remember FatherPat Fitzgerald, RIP, who’s birthday would have been on St Patrick’s Day. ☘️🙏🏼

Then there are two lads who both inspire me and make me very proud celebrating birthdays this week too. My son Ryan will be 24 on the 16th (check out this week's stuffed burger in his honor) and my nephew Oisin will be 9 on the 19th.

Ryan is back in Ireland working at a school for Autistic children as he continues to pursue his studies and collect a few more tattoos along the way. Ryan was also inspired by Oisin, who is autistic and shows to remember what’s important in life. A huge tip of the cap and hug to my sister Norma and her husband Hugh for all they do for Oisin, Maia and Caelan. I look forward to seeing Oisin and his family in May.

So, remember, the shamrock is Irish ☘️, the four-leaf clover is not 🍀. Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at Foley's! ☘️🇮🇪⚾️

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