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Friend of Foley's, Dan Jennings

This weeks Stuffed Burger is the Dan Jennings Burger (No. Not the pitcher Dan Jennings, because we can’t have a Stuffed Burger when you haven’t been to Foleys. But, Daniel Lee Jennings come on down, and once you do, we will get you your own!)

We're honoring Daniel Ray Jennings, the pride of Daphne Alabama. He went to the University of Southern Mississippi and after a stellar college career (just ask him, he will tell you all about how stellar of a career it was) he went undrafted. But he was signed by the Yankees and played for the Greensboro Hornets.

While his baseball career as a player was brief, his career off the field has been long and interesting.

After starting as a high school coach in Mobile, Alabama Dan became an

associate scout for the Reds. From there he became an area scout for the Mariners and was then promoted to cross-checker. Tampa hired Dan as their scouting director before he crossed the state of Florida, he went from VP for Player Personnel to Assistant General Manager to General Manager with the Marlins, before he was "promoted?" to interim manager. of the Fish.

Now, he is a special assistant to the GM in Washington with an emphasis on scouting.

Dan has received many accolades and awards for his tremendous work in the scouting community and he is heavily involved in several organizations that help former scouts. He is truly one of the most respected and best dressed scouts you can meet.

Dan will be the first to tell you you need a good support team and for Dan thats his lovely wife Lori and his Children Stewart, Hunter and Tyler.

The Dan Jennings Burger: Stuffed with chorizo and pepper-jack, dusted with cajun seasoning, topped with Cajun spiced grilled onion and served with spicy potato wedges!

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