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Our Friend from the Front Office

This week we want to shine the spotlight off the field, back to Park Ave. We want to honor our good friend Ty Brooks, the Senior Director of MLB’s Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program, designed to identify, develop and grow the pool of qualified candidates for on-field and baseball operations positions throughout the industry. Ty got his start in baseball by landing an internship with the Atlanta Braves. He didn’t come from a baseball pedigree – as he double-majored in accounting and marketing at the University of Maryland, where he also spent time as a photojournalist. He parlayed that internship into a full-time position. His resume – with stops in Atlanta (1996-2006), Cleveland (2006- 2009) and Pittsburgh (2009- 2016) – shows slow steady progress through different departments and roles en route to leadership positions.Right before joining MLB Tyrone interviewed for the Milwaukee Brewers G.M. position (eventually going to David Sterns).

The Baseball Industry Network (over 34,000 members, Foley's has hosted several of their events) was founded in August of 2009 as a networking group open to individuals working in and/or connected to the baseball industry. The group covers the full gamut of people working in the game (executives and staff at the major league and minor league level, MLB employees, scouts, agents, baseball writers and bloggers, baseball related manufacturers and equipment companies, current and former professional players, etc.). Industry professionals are encouraged to network with fellow professionals and share their experiences working in the game of baseball with those trying to break into the industry. One of the goals of the network is to educate and potentially develop mentoring relationships between those currently in the industry with individuals attempting to either advance within or enter the industry in essence, Ty was the first member of his own pipeline.

Ty wanted to honor some of his stops along the way,so the “Tyrone Brooks Stuffed Burger” is stuffed with BBQ infused bacon (K.C.),topped with coleslaw and fries (Pittsburgh),served with Onion Rings and garnished with a grilled peach (Atlanta).

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