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A Chance Encounter

July 4th, 2015 found me at Foleys. No surprise there other than it was a holiday, but I didn't really have any other plans, but with hindsight I’m so glad it worked out that way.

This young lady stopped me and asked if I was the owner, as her dad was in baseball and wanted to meet me.

As I approached the table I didn’t recognize the gent sitting there with his family but when he introduced himself I knew exactly who he was, it was Gene Watson, his lovely wife Melanie, his son Tyler and daughter Macey (her of Macey Watson’s Wet Rag Fame 🤣).

I may not have recognized the face but I certainly knew the name,

After a stellar stint at the university of Texas, Gene started his professional scouting career with the Texas Rangers and went on to collect several rings and championships the Braves, Marlins and USA Baseball. He has been with the Royals for the past 11 years, most recently as the Director of Professional Scouting and he was honored this year with a Legends Award from the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation. Gene is not only a great family man but a great baseball ambassador and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a scout tell me that his greatest influence has been Gene Watson and we will be making a donation for each burger sold to the American Cancer Society in Gene and Melanie’s name.

The Gene Watson Burger is stuffed with Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese topped with BBQ sauce and garnished with an Onion Ring and served with fries.

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