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Pete Caldera: OUR Chairman of the Board

I’ve always said that what makes Foleys are the people. “Friends of Foley’s” is a term we throw around with a laugh, but it’s very important to me and we like to proudly show off the “family,” we have here. We have honored my friend Heff, who I’ve know for 26-27 years, and our good friend Jay Horwitz, and this week we honor another good friend Pete Caldera.

January 26th 2004 was the night that Foley`s came into being with an official name change. We had a party as we do and my brother from another mother Sweeny Murti stopped by the party and brought with him the Yankee beat writer for the Bergen Record — Pete Caldera. We became fast friends. With a tip of the cap to Whitey Ford and Pete’s idol Frank Sinatra, I refer to Pete as “Foley`s Chairman of the Board”. For those who may not know in addition to being a fine writer, Pete is also a fantastic singer. He sings part-time with the Stan Rubin Orchestra and we’ve had the pleasure of him crooning at Foley’s many times. When Pete sings, if you close

your eyes, you feel like you are back in the Sands Casino in Vegas listening to Frank.

I had the honor of being at Pete and his wonderful wife Jeanine’s wedding. It was the first time his family had heard him sing. Seeing the looks of amazement and pride on his parents’ faces was an amazing memory. Pete has Bobby Valentine to thank for making him persue his love of singing, which we thank Bobby for as well.

Besides singing Sinatra, Pete also does a mean impression of Bobby V as well as Bob Murphy. Pete is one of the great characters that makes Foley’s what it is. So we’re happy to honor him.

The Pete Caldera burger is stuffed with Jack Daniels infused Bacon (an homage to Frank) and topped with Mozzarella cheese and Marinara Sauce.

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