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Celebrating the Writers: Starting Close to Home

As the year draws to an end,, Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is upon us,I always think of my good friend Red Foley. I named Foley`s after him. We could never truly celebrate his birthday because it fell on December 26th. This

year, he would have been 90 and so we are going to celebrate him by celebrating all of the writers that have helped make Foley`s what it is. So we will be spending 2019 celebrating some of our favorites.

I would have liked to start with Red but anyone who knew Him, knew he wouldn’t touch a stuffed burger. He liked a plain hamburger, plain bun, no garnish, no fries just ketchup. (Too boring for us.) So to start the New Year off right our first stuffed burger is named after my lady Kristie Ackert, baseball writer with the N.Y. Daily News. The Ackert Burger is stuffed with Bleu Cheese and Bacon and topped with frizzled onions served with fries!

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