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Meet Tracy Ringolsby

This weeks burger honors one of my favorite people in baseball. He is not just a Hall of Famer in baseball, but also of good guys.

Tracy Ringolsby has been writing about sports since he was 17 years old. That career has led not only to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown as the 2005 winner of the J.G Taylor Spink Award, but also a slew of other awards including several EMMYs.

The reason for the timing of Tracy’s burger is because I just got back from a great weekend that Tracy organizes every year. He takes a group of baseball folks, scouts, writers, broadcasters, executives and me to a University of Wyoming football game, a basketball game dinner at a Dude Ranch in a weekend that have been named Wyomania. This was the 16th and I have been lucky enough to have been to the last nine.

It’s a great time. It’s full of baseball, beer and some, shall we say, “ball busting.” I partake in two of those activities, but they’ve accepted me as their honorary

designated “drive.” It’s become like a brotherhood. I have made some great friends and heard some awesome stories along the way.

The Tracy Ringolsby Burger is stuffed with Chili and topped with American Cheese. I had hoped to garnish it with a swingin’ sirloin but sadly they aren’t readily available on the east coast.


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