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Meet Nick and Jenn

With the end of the baseball season, and congrats to Boston Red Sox and everything, I want to change the focus of our weekly stuffed burgers.I want to use it to spotlight a big part of what makes Foley`s the Foley`s that you have come to know and love; the customers.

The people that come in regularly and who we've come to think of as part of the Foley's family. So, in that vein, this weeks Burger is named after two of our regulars; Nick and Jenn. They work across the street, at the neighborhood's other iconic address -- the Empire State Building.

They have been very loyal supporters of Foley’s and we try to reciprocate. We sponsored Jenn in a race she ran a while back, and now we want to give her a burger. And we are honoring Nicks home country of England, also with Jenn’s USA

The Nick’n’Jenn Stuffed Burger is stuffed with Mac + Cheese 🇺🇸 topped with English Cheddar 🇬🇧, on an English Muffin 🇬🇧, served with Potato Chips🇺🇸!

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