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Wright Stuffed

When we decided to have a different stuffed burger every week and to tie that burger to a different baseball person, I didn’t for one second think that we would be ending the season honoring our good friend David Wright.

David has a sandwich on the regular menu and a portion of each one sold has benefitted his foundation. Over the past 14 yrs several thousand dollars has been donated.

But how did it all start?

Well, David wasn’t the first Friend of Foley’s on the menu. One of the first times the Rays came to town after I’d met their radio guys Dave Wills and Andy Freed, I’d renamed some of our daily specials after them. All for a little fun. After lunch

David stopped by (he lived in the neighborhood then) and he picked up the menu, read the names off and proceeded to bust my chops. So, I turned it on him and told him to give me his favorite sandwich. He gave me two. So we had a competition to see which one our customers liked best. The buffalo chicken sandwich won hands down.

But all these years later, as we honor his career, the runner up sandwich, a turkey Reuben, is the idea behind this weeks burger.

A lot has been said about David, his career and what a great guy he is. I just want to say that the best thing I can say about David is he hasn’t changed since the first night I met him at Foley’s.

He will always be a Friend of Foley’s and we wish him well in this next chapter of his life.

The David Wright Stuffed Burger is stuffed with Turkey and Swiss Cheese and topped with Sauerkraut and Russian Dressing and served with fries.

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