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Praise for the Reverend

I have always enjoyed the Boston media. The connection goes back to when I first met the voice of the Red Sox Joe Castiglione through his son and one of the first Friends of Foley's, Duke. There has always been an ambassador to Foley’s and the Boston media, so to speak. The first leader was a man we honored earlier in the season Jeff Horrigan.

When Jeff moved to Wisconsin, the mantle was picked up by this weeks honoree — Ian Browne.

Ian is the writer who covers the Sox and is also a famed author.

Why do we call him the Rev? Well, a couple of years ago Ian came to me and told me he would be skipping one of the Sox’ trips to NYC, because he had to officiate a friend’s wedding. He went online to get his paperwork to be the officiant. Since then I have called him Rev Browne out of respect (my good Irish catholic upbringing shining through) and because it has become somewhat of a family business. His wife Amy has now done a couple of weddings too. So we’ll have the Rev Browne Stuffed Burger this week!

As requested by Ian, the burger is stuffed with Cheddar Cheese, topped with Sautéed Onions & Sautéed Mushrooms and smothered in Brown(e) Gravy served with fries!

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