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Who the Heck is Bobby?!

This week we honor one of the behind the scenes guys, a true unsung hero, Bobby Heck. Bobby was an Assistant General Manager and Director of Scouting for the Houston Astros from 2007-2012 when the Astros thought they knew better but ended up hiring two men to replace him.

When the Astros won the 2017 World Series, Bobby had a hand in acquiring 11 of the 25 guys on the roster (now that’s impressive) and for good measure add J.D.Martinez and Delino Deshields Jr, now while the ever modest Bobby will tell you it was a team effort, well he’s the guy putting together the team.

Bobby is now a special assistant (my dream job) with the Tampa Bay Rays and recently been linked as a candidate for the Mets GM job (who knows it could be permanently on the menu).

Bobby is a great family man and behind every successful man is a hard working woman and in Bobby’s case he has 2 his wonderful wife Nicole and their highly talented daughter Jordy.

The “What the (Bobby) Heck” Burger is stuffed with Pickled Jalapeños and Pepper-jack Cheese and topped with Spicy Mustard, served with Fries.

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