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Hall of Fame Induction Day

As Cooperstown gets ready to welcome this years inductees I would like to start by congratulating all of them on this tremendous honor. I would like to highlight a couple of this year’s awesome class!

It was a dreary June day in 2004 and the Reds has a make up game against the Phillies, nothing exciting there except Ken Griffey Jr was sitting on 499 and he loved hitting in Citizens Bank Park so I went online and bought a ticket in the upper deck and started on the long trek to Philly. The weather was miserable but the people on the radio kept saying it was going to get played and that Griffey was going to play and never having seen anyone hit 500 in person I was excited.That excitement changed to disappointment as I got to the parking lot when the Reds announced Griffey would sit and go for 500 at home.

Well I had the ticket so I figured I’d go for a while and I’m glad I did cause between several rain delays and some torrential rain I got to see Jim Thome hit his 400. He’s pictured here with Ryan, in Minnesota and I have to say he’s not only a HOFer in baseball but also in life. One of the nicest men I’ve ever met.

Congrats Thome! You are my Homie.

Flash back to 2012, and another career is coming to an end... Chipper Jones has always had a special relationship with NY and the Mets

fans, Laaarrry is still one of the best chants you will hear at a baseball game. I decided to honor him by changing the name of Foley's to Chipper's for the weekend and donating to his foundation. It was a huge hit, we shipped Chipper shirts to 11 different states and I got to meet Chipper for a game at Citifield, plus, he invited me to Atlanta for his final weekend. He was honored that we paid tribute to his career and he signed a bat that is proudly displayed at Foley’s!

Congrats, Chipper!

This one is personal and I can’t tell you how happy it’s made me to Jack Morris get his just dessert, having gotten to know him over the past few years I’m so happy for him, and also proud to call him a friend.

Congrats, Jack! HOF 2018!

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