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A Tribute to Dave and Andy

So as you know this awesome journey that is Foley`s started almost 15 years. Shortly thereafter, Dave Wills and Andy Freed were hired to be the radio Voice’s of the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays and they became regulars on their visits to New York. And every time he came, Andy would eat one of our Turkey Burgers.

Dave and Andy came from different parts of the country. They have both worked their way up through the minor leagues and earned their way to the big league, though making many Illustrious stops along the way.

Their 14 years with the Rays have been a roller coaster ride, with highs, including a trip to the World Series, and some lows too. Along the way, Dave was inducted into the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame. Andy was just recently inducted into the Trenton Baseball Hall of Fame for his years working with the Trenton Thunder. We honor them this week with the Dave & Andy Burger! The Dave & Andy Stuffed Burger is a Cheddar and Mushroom Stuffed Turkey Burger (tip of the cap to Andy) and topped with some Kane County Cougar Ketchup (a tip to Dave), which is Sriracha, ketchup and Tito’s vodka!

To recognize Andy’s work with the ALS Association we will make a donation there for each burger sold.

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