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This week we are not honoring a person or even a team but rather a band of brothers. We are honoring the men that wear black and blue, the men who take the abuse in the ballpark, but without whom they don’t play baseball. we are honoring MLB Umpires, many of whom I am proud to call my friends.

Foleys is known as an umpires bar and I love that it. That means that they feel comfortable and welcome here. We hope to be a home away from home for them, because even more than players and writers, they are away from their families all the time. I also tip my cap to their families.

So this week, I would really like to tell you about their charity UMPS CARE.

UMPS CARE Charities was founded through the compassion of Major League Baseball umpires. UMPS CARE provides financial, in-kind and emotional support for America’s youth and families in need. MLB umpires visit children in hospitals and host children in foster care or facing medical challenges at games. For a group that usually doesn't experience much compassion from the crowds when they are on the field, these guys know how to show it to the vulnerable children among us.

I salute them all for that. So, we are not only naming the burger for them but also giving the proceeds to UMPS CARE. Keep up the good work.

This weeks stuffed burger is the UMPS CARE Black & Blue Burger. It is stuffed with Crumbled Blue Cheese and dusted with Cajun spices and served with fries.

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