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Friend of Foley's, Jack Morris

** Heads up! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Jack Morris event referenced in this post is cancelled! We will reschedule! Stay tuned for the new date!**

People often ask me how I’ve come to know so many people in the world of baseball. I always explain that baseball is like a spiders web and everyone is somehow related; everyone knows someone who knows everyone else. For example I met the Voice of the Red Sox Joe Castiglione through his son Duke, a broadcaster in New York City for year back when I was bartending. Joe then introduced me to long-time Minnesota bullpen coach Stelly (Rick Stelmaszek) and on my first trip to the Metrodome. Stelly introduced me to Jack Morris.

That was a very surreal moment for me.

Shaun Clancy and Jack Morris

I was sitting in the stands at the Metrodome, just minding my own business and watching the Twins pitchers taking batting practice. It was before an interleague game (on a side note, Kyle Lohse tossed me his batting gloves. He just retired, but back to the story) Stelly called me over and I climbed down onto the field. There in the dugout, among the press, were Twins legends Dan Gladden and Jack Morris. As Stelly introduced me I was in awe of the two Minnesota legends. Little did I know that a few short years later I would not only consider Jack a friend but also be hosting an event with him just a few weeks before he is to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I got to know Jack when he worked for or the Blue Jays and he would stop by Foley`s on his travels. One time, he was here during the playoffs watching the Tigers in an early Sunday games as the place filled up with Cardinal fans. Their game was next and as they started to cheer, Jack being Jack, jokingly shouted: ”Keep it down I’m trying to watch my game." There was a sudden silence, but when they realized he was busting their chops, Jack had earned himself another legion of fans. When the news of Jack's induction into the Hall of Fame was announced it was really cool to see some of those Cards fans and other posting pictures they had taken with him over the years at Foley`s.

Jack has always been a Hall of Famer in my book. I’m glad the powers that be have seen the light and elected him to his rightful place. Soon, I hope we can add Jim Kaat and Tommy John.

So this week, as we prepare for Jack to come back to Foley's for his event May 17, we honor him as we do our friends of Foley's --- with a stuffed burger.

The Jack Morris Burger is stuffed with Pepper Jack cheese and Bacon. It is topped with a Split (chicken) Finger. The proceeds from each burger will be added to the proceeds from Thursday night's An Evening with Jack Morris and donated to Crescent Cove, a place of respite for kids with cancer and their families.

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