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This Week at Foley's

So we are excited to be kicking the season off at Foleys with a panel of baseball Savants. (They paid me to say that). Sweeny Murti, Bryan Hoch, Mark Feinsand, Mike Siano and John Flaherty will be at Foley’s on Saturday 7th from 7 to 9 p.m. for “Books, Baseball, Baby Bombers and BS.” Hoch and Feinsand will be selling and signing copies of their books.

A portion of the totals receipts from the night will benefit two local charities.

Also, we’ll be beginning our season of baseball-themed stuffed burgers and beer. This year we are linking them to the visiting teams; we will feature a stuffed burger and a featured beer tied in with teams coming in to play the Yankees or Mets.

This week there are three teams visiting so we are giving the O’s an honorable mention (but they do come in twice more) our featured beer comes from the fine Cigar City from Tampa, we have their Jai Lai in cans and Maduro on tap.

Bill Kulik

This week’s stuffed burger which is the “El Gringo Malo.” It is stuffed with a spicy Asiago Cheese and topped with guacamole and named for our good friend and Phillies Spanish broadcaster Bill Kulik. I’ve known Bill almost as

JP Villaman

long as I’ve been at Foley’s. I met him first when he was involved in broadcasting Red Sox games in Spanish.

It was his play by play guy JP Villaman (a great guy, taken from us too soon) who gave Bill the nickname “El Gringo Malo,” in an argument over Sammy Sosa and his use of a corked bat. Bill has gone on to cover Phillies now, as well as the Eagles. So what do the Sox, Phillies and Eagles have in common over the past 14 years?? Well, they have all won championships, so maybe it’s the Kulik Konnection!!!!! So, stop by have a beer, have a burger, have your Yankee questions answered and have a good time.

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