Our Stuff

We have set up a temporary online store, with proceeds going to staff. A little way to show your love for Foley's and to keep the wheels moving towards a Foley's 2.0. The store will be open until May 23, once all of the orders are in they will print and ship the items all at once. You'll receive your items in time for Father's Day! 

**Please note that we are not able to process international orders with this online store. Thanks for understanding!

If you are looking for a gift for someone special this year, please check out what Steph is offering at "From Over th`Eire"! Sweet Irish care packages and more! ☘️

We're doing another reprint of the menu!

Orders must be received by Sunday, May 23. 

We'll be printing and sending out the menus later that week, and they should arrive in time for Father's Day!